At 3.55pm, away from the riot in William Street, the British Army opened fire. John Johnston (59) and Damian Donaghy (15) were hit. John Johnston died from his injuries five months later in June.

At 4.07pm the British moved into Rossville Street, opening fire again with live rounds.

Jackie Duddy (17), who had been running alongside local priest Fr Edward Daly, was shot in the back and fell dying in the courtyard of the Rossville Flats.

Alana Burke (18) was crushed against a wall by an armoured vehicle. Thomas Harkin (32) was hit by the same vehicle.

Peggy Deery (31) was shot in the leg in Chamberlain Street. Patrick McDaid (25) was wounded after he helped carry her to safety.

Patrick Campbell (51) was wounded as he ran towards the Rossville Flats.

Michael Bradley (22) and Mickey Bridge (25) were wounded as they confronted the British Army after witnessing the shooting of Jackie Duddy.

Pius McCarron (30) was injured by flying debris caused by rifle fire, and Patrick Brolly (40) was injured by gunfire as he sheltered in Rossville Flats.

Daniel McGowan (38) was wounded as he helped Patrick Campbell to safety.

Hugh Gilmour (17) was shot dead as he ran towards his home in the Rossville Flats.

Michael Kelly (17), Michael McDaid (20), John Young (17) and William Nash (19) were killed at the rubble barricade in Rossville Street. William’s father Alex (51) was wounded as he went to his son’s aid.

Kevin McElhinney (17) was shot dead as he crawled towards the doorway of Rossville Flats.