The Museum of Free Derry and Guildhall Press are delighted to announce the re-publication of Clive Limpkin’s iconic book The Battle of Bogside. The publication marks 50 years since his arrival in Derry in August 1969, in time to photograph the momentous events of that month.

Clive Limpkin arrived in Derry in August 1969, on the eve of the Battle of the Bogside, as a photo-journalist for the London Daily Sketch. He captured the turmoil of that period with intense reality, and spent the next three years as a regular visitor to Derry, recording the descent into armed conflict as decades of discrimination and simmering discontent erupted onto the streets of the city.

The result was first published in 1972, in his award-winning book The Battle of Bogside. Some of his photographs from the time are now among the most iconic from the conflict in Ireland, and will be instantly recognizable to the reader. Others will be less familiar, since the original edition of the book has been long out of print and has earned an almost mythical status among collectors. The revised edition contains most of his original images, along with twenty-seven newly discovered ones.

Adrian Kerr, Curator of the Museum of Free Derry, said, “It is very fitting that, as we prepare for a major commemoration of the Battle of the Bogside, we re-publish this stunning collection of photographs from that time.

“They are a reminder of the darkness of that era, and of the years that followed, but also of the strength of community spirit shown in the face of such adversity. As well as the deepening of the conflict, Clive’s photographs capture how people dealt with these events with determination and resilience, and even at times with a sense of humour.

“They show a strong community dealing with difficult times.”

The Battle of Bogside is available from the Museum of Free Derry and all good bookshops, priced £12.95. It will be formally launched on 13 August 2019, at a special Feile event in the Museum of Free Derry, where the author will discuss his experiences in Ireland and will be happy to sign copies.