Manus Deery (15) was shot dead by British soldiers in May, and James Casey (57) in July. IRA volunteer Gerald Doherty (16) died in a shooting accident in February, and volunteers Colm Keenan (19), Eugene McGillan (18) and John Starrs (19) were killed by the British Army in March and May. 

Seven British soldiers were killed by republicans, including William Best (19), home on leave in Creggan: his death prompted a short-lived peace movement in Derry, and was a factor in the OIRA’s ceasefire.

Despite the absence of armed resistance, British soldiers shot two teenagers dead during Operation Motorman.

Daniel Hegarty (15) went out to observe the scale of the operation, as Centurion tanks with bulldozer blades rolled towards the barricades, followed by squads of Royal Marines and engineers. He was shot twice in the head at point blank range. A cousin was left lying wounded without medical attention. Seamus Bradley (19), an unarmed IRA volunteer, was shot near St. John’s School. The post-mortem showed he had been hit five times. He died from his wounds without medical treatment. The two were labelled, respectively, a gunman and a petrol bomber.