The shooting continues as paratroopers advance into Glenfada Park, a quiet cul-de-sac in the Bogside.

In Glenfada Park:

  • Joseph Friel (22) was wounded;
  • Daniel Gillespie (32) was hit by a bullet on the head and fell unconscious;
  • Michael Quinn (17) was wounded by a bullet in the shoulder that exited through his face;
  • Joseph Mahon (16) was shot in the leg, and feigned death as British soldiers approached;
  • William McKinney (27) was shot in the back and killed as he tried to help the wounded;
  • Patrick O’Donnell (41) was wounded as he threw himself across a woman to protect her from the gunfire;
  • Jim Wray (22) was on the ground, wounded and paralysed by the first burst of fire, when a paratrooper shot him in the back from point blank range.

Gerald Donaghey (17) and Gerard McKinney (35) were shot dead in Abbey Park, both killed by the same high-calibre rifle bullet. 

Patrick Doherty (31) was killed in Joseph Place as he crawled towards safety.

Bernard McGuigan (41), ignoring warnings for his own safety, waved a white handkerchief and tried to get to the dying Patrick Doherty.  He was shot in the head and died instantly.

During the twenty minutes of concentrated British fire, the OIRA fired three ineffectual shots in response.