The unique spirit of Free Derry is celebrated this month in a series of powerful exhibitions, talks, film screenings and events spanning the 50th anniversary of the Battle of the Bogside.

From Thursday 1 August

Event: Lost Childhood? Photographic Exhibition          Venue: Museum of Free Derry

Using recently emerged photographs taken by French photographer Gerard Harlay in April and May 1972, this display highlights the experiences of children during the early years of the conflict.


Monday 5 – Thursday 8 August

Event: Free Derry Lives     Venue: Main Hall, Guildhall, 9am-8pm

The launch our latest initiative, Free Derry Lives, will take place in the Guildhall’s main hall, where visitors can walk among silhouettes of the past and see and hear various stories of people, places and incidents unique to Free Derry and the civil rights era of 1968-1972. After its launch, Free Derry Lives moves to Pilot’s Row and honours the contribution of those who didn’t always make the history books or the headline with a permanent, evolving installation in the museum.


From Thursday 8 August

Event: Battle of The Bogside – On-Street Exhibition      Venue: Rossville Street, Bogside

Curated by the Museum of Free Derry, this exhibition tells the story of the defence of the Bogside in August 1969 through a selection of stunning photographs taken during those few days. The exhibition will be sited on the fence at Pilots Row, in the area where the battle took place. Opens from 8 August.


Thursday 8 August

Event: Battle of the Bogside - Connections       Venue: Main Hall, Guildhall, 7pm

Join us as a panel of guests explore the significance of Battle of the Bogside, and its place among the international civil rights struggles of the time. Hugh Doherty, son of Paddy Bogside, Belfast’s Sean Murray and Detroit civil rights veterans, Charles and Sandra Simmons, will recall the events of 1969 and their importance both then and today. Hosted by Irish News’ Seamus McKinney. Admission free.


(PFC EVENT) Friday 9 August

Event: A virtual journey through the secret British government archives       Venue: Museum of Free Derry, 1pm – 3pm

Pat Finucane Centre staff will provide a, at times light-hearted, at times deadly serious guide to the thousands of declassified British government archives accessed by the centre over the years.


Friday 9 August

Event: 200 Yards (Script in Hand Reading)      Venue: Museum of Free Derry, 7pm

Join us for a 'Script in Hand' Reading of the new play 200 Yards by Micheal Kerrigan and produced by Anne Crilly, inspired by Micheal’s experiences growing up in the Bogside during tumultuous years.


Sunday 11 August

Event: Patrick Rooney: Lost Childhood       Venue: Museum of Free Derry, 7pm

As British troops arrived in Derry, Belfast was in embers and the conflict claimed its first child victim. Nine-year-old Patrick Rooney was shot and killed by machine gun fire from an RUC armoured car – the bullets penetrating the walls of his Divis Flat home. Fifty years after Patrick’s death, his brother Con shares their story with Derry audiences. Hosted by Irish Times Northern Ireland Correspondent, Freya McClements. Admission free.


Monday 12 August 2019

Event: Reflections of a former member of the ABOD        Venue: Museum of Free Derry, 12.30pm

The latest in our ‘In Conversation’ series, Terry Wright, former Ulster Unionist Party Chair in Derry and former Apprentice Boy discusses the impact and legacy of the Battle of the Bogside. Admission free.


Tuesday 13 August 2019

Event: Book Launch – Clive Limpkin’s Battle of Bogside 50th Edition       Venue: Museum of Free Derry, 7pm

The Museum of Free Derry and Guildhall Press are delighted to announce the re-publication of Clive Limpkin’s iconic book The Battle of Bogside, featuring many newly discovered images. The publication marks 50 years since his arrival in Derry in August 1969, in time to photograph the momentous events of that month. Join us as Clive Limpkin returns to the city and shares his experiences of documenting the conflict. Admission free. All welcome.


(PFC EVENT) Wednesday 14 August

Event: ‘In Their Footsteps’ exhibition       Venue: Rossville Street, Bogside, 1pm – 4pm (weather permitting)

Exhibition of shoes representing victims and survivors of the conflict.


Wednesday 14 August

Event: Film Screening – Battle of the Bogside       Venue: Museum of Free Derry, 7pm

A screening of Vinny Cunningham’s acclaimed 2004 film, Battle of the Bogside, written by John Peto and featuring many local people who played a part in these historic events. Admission free.


Friday 16 August 2019

Event: Damien Dempsey     Venue: Sandinos, Foyle Street

Museum of Free Derry presents one of Ireland’s finest musicians, Damien Dempsey, for a unique Derry performance marking 50 years since the Battle of the Bogside. Tickets available from Cool Discs, Foyle Street.