The Bloody Sunday Trust was established in 1997 on the 25th anniversary of Bloody Sunday. Initially it acted as a conduit for family members and friends seeking support or advice during the course of the Bloody Sunday Inquiry and to commemorate those killed and injured on Bloody Sunday.

From the start the Trust stated that its vision is to promote human rights, conflict transformation and understanding between people both nationally and internationally.

Shortly after the Trust was established, it decided that the Museum of Free Derry was an important way to achieve these goals, through encouraging a better understanding of the recent history of Derry and of Ireland, with a focus on its people telling their story.

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    Who we are

    The Trust is managed by a board of 14 directors. The directors are comprised of a cross section of political and civil society within the city. Three directors are close relatives of those killed. Another director lost a member of their immediate family during the civil rights period.

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    There has not been a time since the emergence of states when civilians have not been at risk from death and injury at the hands of the military or, in modern times, the police. In today’s world, civilians still remain vulnerable to lethal attacks by members of state security forces. Those campaigning for civil and human rights are particularly vulnerable.

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    Since its inception, the Bloody Sunday Trust took a lead role in assisting families in the pursuit of truth and justice.

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